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26 May

The art of paper cutting has enjoyed a wider popularity of late namely due to Rob Ryan. Although I like Ryan’s work I must admit there has been a bit of overkill of late, with a number of artists aping the romantic slogans and whimsical settings that made his work so distinctive.

That said I just adore that fact that you can draw with a blade or scissors and produce such astonishing results.

My feather cuts

My feather cut

I’ve made it sound simple there – it’s not, I know, I’ve done it (see above) and not only is it a mental and creative challenge, it’s also physically demanding (oh how I suffered with hand cramps and spasms).

So here’s a round up of some of my favourite current papercut practitioners

Sara Burgess describes her papercuts as “the opposite of technology. It’s raw, simple, soft, tangible and breathtaking”. Her work is pretty breathtaking.

Sara Burgess

Papercutdiecut’s work is just lovely – very simple, chic and accessible too.


Naomi Shiek’s papercut wedding stationery is inspirational – it’s given me loads of ideas for my own lino prints.

Naomi Shiek

Joe Bagley’s stuff is amazing – it’s real ‘boy’ stuff, incredibly technical but delicate and lovely all the same.

Joe Bagley

Chris Natrop’s larger papercut installations are simply stunning – creating majestic mini-landscapes.