Give Up Art and Shaun Bloodworth

4 Sep

A couple of weeks ago I popped down to one of my favourite areas, Spitalfields, to see a body of work by one of my favourite people at the Truman Brewery.

My old friend, and one-time colleague, Stuart Hammersley had a retrospective of the amazing work he and photographer Shaun Bloodworth have  produced for the London-based radio station and label, Rinse.


Go Stuart and Shaun!

I love Mr Hammersley’s (AKA Give Up Art’s) design. I’ve always admired his celebration of colour, sheer enjoyment of typography and playful approach to layout. And it’s all shown-off to the max in this collection of work – see for yourself…


Art work

This clean, colourful design sits wonderfully alongside Shaun Bloodworth’s photography. Shaun is one of the sweetest people you could possibly meet yet he produces moody, hard images. His portraits are evocative and dramatic and provide a strong sense of narrative alongside Stu’s graphics. In short it’s a really powerful collection of work. Here’s my  favourite piece from the show; I think it really illustrates the marriage of talents between these two creatives….


The show’s over now but I’m really glad I got to see it below is a video of the opening night and for more on their work visit their websites and

The Work of Shaun Bloodworth & Give up Art from Josh Cohen on Vimeo.


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