Wonderful Wallpaper

2 Jul

Myself and my husband are in the process of moving house – upping sticks and moving from central London to the adorable riverside town of Wivenhoe in Essex. Although we love London town, we’re so excited about our relocation and new adventure.

I’ll be doing posts soon on why I love where we’re going and why I’ll always love where we’ve been, but in the mean time I thought I’d share our sense of anticipation by showing you what we’ve been doing in preparation for the move – you know, looking at expensive stuff to adorn our new abode.

Last week we’ve been mostly looking at wallpaper. Now, I’ve been a bit hesitant of wallpaper of late, I think it’s because a lot of mediocre bars did the wallpaper thing and let’s face no one wants their home to look like a mediocre bar. However, done well, the clever use of wallpaper can enhance a home, add a lively touch of character and colour and be a fun addition to your space – I think an element of fun and humour in your gaff is no bad thing…

So here’s a round up of what we’ve been looking at on the Sanderson and Anthropologie sites – WARNING some are real expensive.

If you like what you see, I’ve included links to the shops below…

Sanderson Miro fifties wallpaper

Sanderson Rya fifties wallpaper

Sanderson Wrappings fifties wallpaper

Sanderson Mobiles fifties wallpaper

Anthropologie Gilded Wallpaper

Anthropologie Hide and Seek Wallpaper

Anthropologie Dreamscape Mural Wallpaper

Anthropologie Blazing Poppies Wallpaper

For details on these designs and to see more fabulous patterns take a look at the following:

Sanderson fifties wallpaper: sanderson-uk.com

Anthropologie wallpaper: anthropologie.eu


One Response to “Wonderful Wallpaper”

  1. fubumedia July 2, 2011 at 3:01 pm #

    I’m definitely liking the first one with the leaves! Ahh! to own ones own home where one can wallpaper is still one of my distant dreams lol! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve selected 🙂

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